Doug RadfordAfter 25 years in real estate, Doug Radford brings his A game to The Real Deal show. He shed light on his organization, Realty Executives, and how they propel their 250 exceptional realtors by backing them up with an all-star support staff which includes administrative processors, marketing folks, graphic designers, an internet syndicator, closing agents, and PR folks from his Fairfield, NJ office. Doug absolutely loves surrounding himself with talented people and then bringing out their best skills and talents. Host Bob the Broker and Doug also discussed how in the largest real estate companies it’s all about building their brand, not about building the realtors brand and reputation. Doug’s company has literally reversed this by providing broad based marketing for the agents so they get the credit, not the firm. Thanks to you, Doug!

Doug Radford, President of Realty Executives., 973-575-6700,