Geri WilsonChoosing which lake to live on is no easy choice – unless you take the help of someone who has been selling, buying and living on lakeside property in NJ for 25 years! That someone is our special guest Geraldine “Geri” Wilson, Sales Associate with Terrie O’Connor
Realtors. She describes how there are different lakes for different personalities. Day in and day out Geri helps folks evaluate their preferences regarding lake living, and then she educates them on the details of the various lakes to make sure they end up ecstatic after they purchase their lakeside property.  One of the biggest concerns for buyers is potential flooding, which Geri expands upon in this interview. And did you know that instead of a well, some folks get their water right from the lake?! Since lakeside property is always on demand there is always a low inventory of available homes. Start early – contact Geri to begin the process even if your purchase may not happen for a while.  Thanks Geri!

Geraldine “Geri” Wilson, Sales Associate with Terrie O’Connor Realtors,,