This is an excellent post from David Krichmar. People ask me all the time what the point of Twitter is. David does a great job af answering that question.


Of course there are probably a million reasons to be on Twitter. Like how about to find out what Kim Kardashian ate for Lunch???? But lets talk about 5 reasons that it will help your business. And trust me for the life of me I could not figure out how Twitter was even helpful to my business. Because lets be honest Justin Bieber Tweeting is not Helping my business!! But, I have finally come up with at least 5 ways that it can help.

A Free Profile- I teach a MCE class on social marketing, etc and my biggest thing is if its free(profile) why not do it. I suggest having a profile on any website that gets traffic, facebook, youtube, twitter, trulia, activerain, etc. This is one more example. By being on as many sites as possible you increase your internet prescience.

ReTweet- for those of you who do not know how to start blogging or what to Tweet about, ReTweet is your option. This allows you to Retweet an article you find on the internet and have it posted on your Twitter Page. Most major websites give the option of “ReTweeting” just look for the ReTweet button on the left hand side where the article starts

Communication- Now more then ever it is important to be available thru any communication option. I have had clients find me off of Twitter, ActiveRain, Facebook and FaceBook advertisements, Trulia, Message Boards and the list goes on. You may hate Twitter but your possible future client may love it and found you because of Twitter.

200 Million- Twitter is no longer that short version of the Facebook status option. There are over 200 million members and they are tweeting over 110 million times a day

Super Charge your Blog- I recently read an amazing Article by Karen Fiddler about how when she posts her blogs on Twitter she received 38 immediate views. This is 38 views that she would not normally get. So Twitter brings your blogs more exposure then you would normally get. And remember the more traffic(clicks) your blogs get the higher they appear on the 1st page of Google. Which is the Super Bowl for all of us bloggers, its gets no better. Immediately after reading Karen’s Article I test it and I received 15-35 more views right away on my blogs.

For quite some time I could not figure out how Twitter was even remotely helpful to my business. And I now can honestly say I have figured it out. Its EXPOSURE!!!!! The more places my blogs appear the more traffic I get. Now remember Twitter limits you to 140 characters, so keep it short and for your links use short URLs. I hope you found this helpful. And if you have any other amazing reasons to use Twitter please leave a comment!

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