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The Real Deal

Set Fee, Full Service: Dan Desmond on The Real Deal, episode 003

Dan DesmondOur guest Dan Desmond is a real estate industry leader in so many ways. He swears by set fee commissions instead of percentage based commissions. For the past 25+ years he has been doing things differently- helping homeowners save tons of money when selling their homes. He focuses on Ocean County and the Jersey Shore. Dan says professionals charge fees, salespeople charge commissions. For instance- does the doctor as for your tax return before he quotes you a price? Wonderful insights – Thanks Dan!

Dan Desmond, Real Estate Broker,

Wall Street to Main Street, John Haydu on The Real Deal, episode 002

JohnHayduJohn Haydu, real estate agent, started in real estate when the industry was awful and he’s found a way to build his business. Tapping into his 15 years experience on Wall street, he knows more about the business after 5 years experience than most realtors with 20+ years experience. John gets a ton of referrals which is proof of his worth as an agent. He understands it’s an ever changing market and understands the new tools available today. Thanks for clarifying so many important aspects of buying and selling real estate, John!

John Haydu: Real Estate Agent,


Flat Fee Real Estate Commissions, Joe Kerouac on The Real Deal, episode 001

JoeKerouac.bookJoe Kerouac, author of Out of Commission and owner of Command Realty, was a guest on our inaugural show.  Joe and show host Bob the Broker talk about Joe’s book, which positions a case for flat-fee commissions in the real estate industry.  Joe’s mission is to continually bring down the costs of buying and selling real estate for the consumer, while increasing the income of the newly defined “best” agents in the industry.  *Receive 25% off his book by using code “RealDeal” when purchasing the book at .

Joe Kerouac, Author of Out of Commission, Owner of Command Realty,