Valerie Picardi (Real Estate Strategist) and Marie Dasaro (Home Staging Specialist) discuss their unique working relationship and how it adds to their incredible success helping folks buy and sell homes. For starters, they have an extreme level of trust with each other as well as with their clients. They also discuss the impact home staging can have on the selling process. One major benefit of home staging (along with having a proper inspection done early on) is that fixing potential issues ahead of time will cost a small fraction of what the buyer will demand from you s what Valerie and Marie specialize in.   And of course nothing can compare to relating to people with true empathy and genuinely listening – practices that come naturally to Valerie and Marie. Thanks to our guests!

Valerie PicardiValerie Picardi, Real Estate Strategist,





Marie DasaroMarie Dasaro, Home
Staging Specialist and Sales Associate,